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Standard Massage Packages

Rejuvenate and pamper yourself with a full body massage from Wellnessville. You’ve been working hard all day so you definitely deserve it. Choose from our massage packages and call us at 0919.099.7045 to book your appointment. For your convenience, our massage therapists may render the massage in the comforts of your apartment, condominium, or hotel.


“Legit na magagaling magmasahe yung mga massage therapists ng Wellnessville. This is my second time hiring from them. Sobrang narelax talaga ako. Nakatulog pa nga ako habang minamasahe ako ni masseur Clark. Ang pinakagusto ko yung hindi sila nagmamadali – yung talagang sinisigurado nilang narerelax ka sa masahe nila.” – William Gomez (Makati City, Philippines)

“Working in a BPO company can be very stressful and a good massage can help lessen the anxiety. Wellnessville is my happy place. It’s my go-to spa when I need some serious relaxation.” – Karen (Pasig City, Philippines)

Full Body Massage (₱699) - 60 minutes

For 60 minutes, indulge in a classic Swedish massage that uses a sequence of long, gliding strokes, kneads, and circular motions designed to relieve muscular tensions, and boost your overall body circulation.

Body Scrub + Full Body Massage (₱1299) - 120 Minutes

Your session starts with a body scrub that helps get rid of dead skin cells, increase blood circulation, and cleanse skin. This is followed by a 100 minute massage that combines classic Swedish and deep tissue massage.

Body Scrub + Full Body Massage + Hot Stone (₱1699) - 150 Minutes

Your session begins with a body scrub that helps remove dead skin cells, exfoliate your skin, and improve your blood circulation. A whole body massage that combines the classic Swedish and deep tissue technique to ease your body tensions and calm your worn out muscles follows. Finally, our massage therapist uses smooth, heated stones to relax tight muscles and relieve your body of muscular tensions.





Alterra (₱2500)

Indulge in a unique massage experience that employs a balance of heat and cold to alleviate muscular tensions. By the end of your session, you will feel refreshed and energized.

[NOTE: Strictly by appointment and only available for home, hotel, condo, and apartment.] 

Euforia (₱2750)

Enjoy a luxurious treat that is guaranteed to deliver optimum relaxation. Euforia combines oriental and western massage techniques especially designed for clients with discerning taste.

[NOTE: Strictly by appointment and only available for home, hotel, condo, and apartment.]

Inferno (₱3000)

Reward yourself with a whole body massage that uses body heat and just the right amount of pressure to relieve bodily tensions. Inferno promises a memorable experience, you'd come back for more.

[NOTE: Strictly by appointment and only available for home, hotel, condo, and apartment.]

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