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Facebook Groups marketing for Massage Spa

If you are the owner of a massage spa or if you happen to manage the marketing of a spa business, this post is for you. Also, if you’re a freelance massage therapist or a client looking for a massage spa that meets your requirements, you will find this blog post helpful.

Facebook Group, as you may already be aware of, is a gold mine for leads. It is not surprising that you’ll find marketers flocking “relevant groups” for marketing and promotion. Joining the right group will help you find and acquire new clients. When coupled with search engine optimization, Facebook Group marketing can be an abundant source of clients for a massage spa or for any business for that matter. It’s also highly targeted and free so there’s no reason not to incorporate this strategy in your online marketing.

To get your started, we have compiled a list of Facebook Groups dedicated to massage services. Before we share you the list, here are a couple of helpful reminders to make sure your posting efforts won’t be wasted:

  1. These Facebook Groups are moderated, which means your post will not see the light of day if your posts are not related to massage. Posting nude photos or pornographic materials is against the groups’ policies and against Facebook’s, hence, prohibited. Use decent photos instead, and by decent we mean “wholesome” or “family friendly” pictures.
  2. Spamming will not do you any good. Your efforts will just be wasted. As a rule of thumb, submit an advert or a promotion once a day. Submitting the same ad or post repeatedly in an attemt to get more exposure will not be tolerated. Your efforts will be futile as the moderators are likely to delete all your posts.
  3. No bullying. No “sexual” solicitation. No “prostitution”. Be kind to the other members.
  4. Join these Facebook Groups and invite your friends to join. The growth in membership means more benefits for you as a member. You could be promoted as a moderator or administrator when you actively participate in the discussions. 

Now you’re ready to get started. Here are the Facebook Groups that you may use for your massage spa marketing.

  1. Wellnessville Massage Spa
  2. Massage San Juan City
  3. Massage Makati
  4. Massage Mandaluyong
  5. Massage Manila
  6. Massage Metro Manila
  7. Massage Quezon City
  8. Massage Pasig
  9. Massage Pasay
  10. Massage Marikina
  11. Massage Paranaque
  12. Massage Caloocan
  13. Massage Taguig
  14. Gwapong Masahista Manila
  15. Gwapong Masahista
  16. Home Service Massage
  17. Freelance Massage Therapists
  18. Magandang Masahista
  19. Masahe at Masahista
  20. Massage Sta. Mesa
  21. Massage Cubao
  22. Massage Near Me
  23. Massage Spa Near Me
  24. Nuat Thai Sta. Mesa
  25. LF: Male Therapist (Masseurs)
  26. LF: Female Therapist (Masseuse)

If you’re not a spa owner or a person tasked in marketing a spa business, you’re probably a client looking for a spa to get your massage. For massage bookings and inquiries, feel free to call or text us:

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FULL BODY MASSAGE (₱699) – 60 minutes

For 60 minutes, indulge in a classic Swedish massage that uses a sequence of long, gliding strokes, kneads, and circular motions designed to relieve muscular tensions, and boost your overall body circulation.

BODY SCRUB + FULL BODY MASSAGE (₱1299) – 120 minutes

Your session starts with a body scrub that helps get rid of dead skin cells, increase blood circulation, and cleanse skin. This is followed by a 100 minute massage that combines classic Swedish and deep tissue massage.

BODY SCRUB + FULL BODY MASSAGE + HOT STONE (₱1699) – 150 minutes

Your session begins with a body scrub that helps remove dead skin cells, exfoliate your skin, and improve your blood circulation. A whole body massage that combines the classic Swedish and deep tissue technique to ease your body tensions and calm your worn out muscles follows. Finally, our massage therapist uses smooth, heated stones to relax tight muscles and relieve your body of muscular tensions.


ALTERRA (₱2999) – 2 hours & 15 minutes

Indulge in a unique massage experience that employs a balance of heat and cold to alleviate muscular tensions. By the end of your session, you will feel refreshed and energized.

EUFORIA (₱3499) – 2 hours & 30 minutes

Enjoy a luxurious treat that is guaranteed to deliver optimum relaxation. Euforia combines oriental and western massage techniques especially designed for clients with discerning taste.

INFERNO (₱3999) – 2 hours & 45 minutes

Reward yourself with a whole body massage that uses body heat and just the right amount of pressure to relieve bodily tensions. Inferno promises a memorable experience, you’d come back for more.


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